Adult ADHD Specialist

ADHD specialist focus on:

Motivation, Focus, Emotion Regulation, & Executive Functioning Skills

ADHD symptoms in adults may not be as obvious as those in children. However, research shows that approximately 10 million adults suffer with ADHD. Typically ADHD symptoms present in early childhood even if they were not caught and treated at the time. By adulthood, one might have developed some skills to manage some of the symptoms but may still want additional skills. The most commonly reported adult ADHD symptoms include: difficulties maintaining focus on non-preferred tasks, executive functioning skills deficits, working memory deficits, relationship problems, motivation problems, inconsistent performance at work, emotion regulation problems, increased irritability, mood swings, depression, anxiety, restlessness, motivation problems, lack of impulse control, substance abuse problems, & low self-esteem.

When treating ADHD, the first step is to assess the level of impact of the presenting symptoms to determine if a referral would be needed for testing and medication management. In talk therapy, the treatment would involve routine meetings where one can practice skills to manage the symptoms presenting.

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